Carla B. Reeves Santa Barbara “Concierge” and Philanthropic Activist

With over 30 years of experience, Carla is a European born agent that truly understands her client’s needs and is delighted to cater to them. She is active in the philanthropic committee, and also serves on the Assistance League of Santa Barbara, which is composed exclusively of volunteers. 

Since 2008, Carla has lent her expertise and efforts and served on a number of the League's philanthropic Programs, including Operation Prom Dress, Teen Schoolbell, Mock City for foster youth, VIP program for junior high students, and is currently involved in the League's Workroom preparing donated merchandise for the thrift shop (which is the major source of funding for the Leagues local programs). Hats off to you, Carla, you are the embodiment of what makes Village Properties and their agents so amazing.