Living at East Beach

This morning I awoke feeling thankful it was Saturday. I rolled out of bed, savored my thick French Roast brew a little more than I normally do on a week day, pulled on my sweats, leashed up my sweet dog and crossed the road. Within a jiffy my toes were in the soft sand of East Beach. Ahhh......sigh.......there is something just so magical about this beach. We strolled along, past the volley-ballers heading south towards Butterfly Beach. I was once again transported to my happy place. I paused and sat on a rock and stared out to sea. The sun was shimmering on the water so brightly it was wonderfully mesmerizing. The sand was glistening as though it were studded with tiny diamonds. The wind gently whispered through my hair as I breathed in long deep breaths full of saltiness. Thankful to be alive today, and thankful to live where I do. East Beach in Santa Barbara.

Leanne R. Wood

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A love of all that life brings her way is what motivates Leanne in everything she does....