Meet the Crawford Speier Team!

Angelina, who goes by Angel for short, is a Newport Beach, CA native who has a long history of real estate thanks to her father. She is an experienced entrepreneur, having owned and operated a few successful companies before joining Village Properties. Today, she is the owner of Packed Kits by Kiitsy, a company that serves as “the gift to give someone diagnosed with cancer when you don't know what to do.”

Shortly after her husband’s diagnosis with Stage IV cancer, she felt compelled to help others on their cancer journey, by giving friends of those diagnosed a simple and effective way to show just how much they cared. The “kits” are filled with essentials, and by gifting them to someone recently diagnosed, it speaks volumes. It is the perfect symbol of letting someone know that you’re right there by their side with them on their journey.

Together with the other members of The Crawford Speier Team (formerly the Shannon Group), Angel was able to join forces with the Organic Soup Kitchen, which has provided 100,000 meals just this past year for cancer patients. Angel is grateful for the wonderful members of her team she calls family: Kim Crawford and Katie Mohun, and until very recently the late Gail Shannon, who founded the team. Sadly, Gail just recently passed from cancer herself and the Shannon Group had to rename themselves to be in compliance with Real Estate Department rules. Both Gail and Angel lost their husbands to cancer, so this cause was extremely near and dear to their hearts. We would like to wish Angel continued success with Packed Kits, which continues to grow by leaps in bounds. You are a true “angel” on Earth, Angelina!

The Crawford Speier Team: Katie Mohun, Kim Crawford and Angelina Speier.