New Technology for Defending Your Home Against Wildfires

Each year wildfires destroy thousands of buildings, stripping families of their homes and most cherished belongings and forcing them to rebuild their lives from scratch. According to CalFire, 2017 was one of the worst fire years on record for California. We experienced 5 of the 20 most destructive wildfires in the state’s history with over 1.3 million acres burning. Over a quarter of a million Californians were forced to evacuate their homes, over 10,000 structures were destroyed, and there is a predicted economic toll of at least $180 billion.


The impacts of losing one’s home are devastating and the emotional and financial costs are extreme. It is something that no one should ever have to experience.


For decades, attempts have been made to create a formula that can unobtrusively insulate flammable materials such as wood to mitigate fire damage. In the past there have only been messy solutions such as fire gels, which when applied to homes offer only a few hours of protection when fire is an imminent threat. Now there is something else.


SPF3000 Clear Spray is a revolutionary spray-on formula that provides long lasting protection from heat and burning embers. The silicone-based ceramic can be applied to any porous material (wood, fabric, foam, stucco and other building materials) similarly to spraying on paint. It dries clear and will not alter the structural integrity of wood. The formula bonds with the material to which it is applied insulating against heat and retarding flames up to 3000°F (double the temperature of most wildfires) and creating a self-extinguishing reaction when hit by flames. It can be applied at any time and is also an easy add-on during new construction and properties that are being painted or re-roofed, as well as for additions such as detached garages, decks and outbuildings. A single exterior application coats a structure, providing protection that lasts 5+ years. This product is non-flammable, safe to store, handle and use, leaves no residue, and is non-toxic so applications are not dangerous to humans or pets. It has been rated Class “A” for ASTM E84 Standard for Construction Materials and has passed NFPA 701 Standard for Films and Fabrics. The formula also has inhibitors effective against rot, mold, mildew and termites.


Did you know that over half of homes destroyed and damaged in wildfires are not in the direct path of the fire line? They are ignited by embers carried by wind, which land on roofs, eaves, decking and other combustible parts of a structure. SPF 3000 Clear Spray guards against such embers igniting your home and spreading.


The two materials that benefit most from this method of treatment are wood and stucco. Wood is combustible and easily ignites and stucco, although it doesn't burn, is filled with small bubbles containing oxygen. In the extreme heat of a fire, the oxygen expands causing the stucco to fall apart exposing more combustible materials. SPF 3000 Clear Spray preserves the integrity of wood and stucco during a fire by creating an insulating barrier. The majority of tile and concrete roofing materials do not burn however, the plywood beneath surface roofing materials often ignites from heat transfer when spotting embers or flames come into contact with shingles or tiles. SPF 3000 Clear Spray can be applied during the re-roofing process, applied to shingles or sprayed up under existing clay tiles to effectively prevent the ignition of underlying plywood.


Sometimes a raging fire can blow out windows or come in through venting. For non-sprayable areas such as these, property owners have the option of fire blankets or clear window laminates. SPF 3000 Fire Blanket window coverings can be affixed externally at a moment's notice for added protection over windows, used to cover or line vents, or used to separate rooms. Fire blankets can also be used as liners in the construction of safe rooms and disaster shelters. A less obtrusive and more passive solution is window laminates. These are a crystal-clear coating that is applied to the interior of window glass, sort of like a light-weight bulletproofing, making the window virtually impenetrable. This prevents shattering of the window and safeguards against severe storms, fires and burglars.


Unfortunately for us California residents, wildfires are here to stay and appear to be getting more frequent and severe but fortunately, now there are new technologies to help protect lives and property.

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SPF3000 is a revolutionary spray-on formula which provides long lasting protection from...