Owning your Online Presence Rather than ONLY Renting It

If you want (or plan) to make money off of whatever you're promoting on social media and you don't have a website, you need to read this.

No matter how much it seems like your Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook profiles are rightfully yours, you do NOT own them. You're simply renting your presence on these platforms, are completely subject to their rules, and have limited access to the collected data surrounding your activity, followers, and visitors. ⠀

Hypothetically, any one of these platforms could enforce new terms like charging a membership fee, or perhaps taking your account down subject to their discretion and be completely within their rights to do so... and all your efforts in building an online following go down the drain. Just think about Facebook: you pretty much have to spend money to be able to reach your own fans and new audiences.

This is why I can never stress it enough to entrepreneurs/influencers I encounter who underestimate the importance of owned media: you need to center your digital strategy on guiding your social media visitors and followers down whatever funnel you have that leads to your overarching goals. You need to have it leading back to your website and/or email list because those assets are YOURS. No one can take your subscriber list, data or website away from you; no one can enforce new terms on those properties at any moment. ⠀

Although I'm a huge advocate for social media — most of the work I do is in social media strategy and implementation — I will always recommend it under the construct of a digital marketing strategy centered on owned media 🤳🏻 I see social media as a powerful tool for brand amplification and content distribution: it should feed back to your business's objectives in the form of targeted traffic, new email subscribers, or any other desired action you'd like visitors to take. ⠀

What are your thoughts on social media in relation to owned media?


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