Packing tips for your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most difficult rooms in the home to pack. Not only are you using the things in it until the last day in your old home, but it is full of breakable items and perishable foodstuffs. Packing the kitchen can be appear to be a daunting task. However with the proper planning and a few simple common sense solutions, the kitchen can be as easy to move as any other room in the house.

The first thing to remember about packing the kitchen is that you will need some essential items like cups and spoons and a few plates before during and shortly after the move. Do you have some plastic cups, the odd ones from the fast food restaurants or the ones you use outside? Put these in a stack near the refrigerator and let everybody know that these are the only glasses they get to use until you get to the new place. The same goes for a few spoons forks and plates. If you have paper or plastic, all the better. If the family has things they can use set aside they are much less likely to start digging in the boxes you have already packed. These things can be later put in a bag and carried to your new home and placed next to the fridge there so that unpacking will be orderly too.

Now that you have set aside what you will use everything else can be packed. Dishes should never be stacked touching one another in the box. Wrap each separately in bubble wrap or newspaper. Glasses should all be individually wrapped. Stemware is especially vulnerable, wrap them extra well and place them in a box by themselves. Always have a thick black magic marker handy so that when you finish a box you can write on the outside what room it is for and what is in it. Do not only write this information on the top of the box, but on at least two sides as well so that no matter how the box is stacked later one label will be visible. For that stemware box, make sure to write fragile and a note not to stack boxes on top. Kitchen appliances with lots of parts should be cleaned and have all parts packed together with the rest of the unit. And remember to check the dishwasher before you finish packing.

Food is tricky to pack. Do you have a cooler? Pack your frozen items in it. Make sure you treat glass jars like you would a glass or dish. Keep some cookies or snacks out for the kids. You can throw those in the bag with the plastic cups. Little ones can use their lunch boxes from school to carry their own juice boxes and snacks so that you don't have to open containers already sealed to get them something. The best advice, use up as much perishables as you can in the days before the move so that you don't have too much to bring. You are going to have a new neighborhood market to shop in soon!

Kitchens are like any other room in the house to move. Allow yourself plenty of time, have plenty of boxes and packing material handy and make the things you have packed off limits once you have started and you can make this room as easy to pack as any other.

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