Spring Cleaning, 2019 Style!

Channel your inner Marie Kondo and organize your home by tidying it up and giving it that sparkly clean overhaul it deserves. Sometimes it feels good to repurpose, donate or purge things that we no longer need, or if you’re into Poshmark, why not list it? 

When it comes to cleaning up, we all know that there are many “cleaners” that are nothing more than harsh chemicals that aren’t actually safe. We recommend you check the labels, and reach for more ethical solutions, like a bottle of Green Good Cleaner or Mrs. Meyer's Cleaners that is not only ethically smarter, but safer, too.

Some other quick cleaning tips to help you tackle spring cleaning this season: 

-Borax will whiten those whites better, soften hard water, remove soap residue from your clothing and inhibits fungi, mold and bacteria.

-Hydrogen peroxide isn’t just for scrapes, it’s also great at removing organic stains and disinfecting toothbrushes.

-Not sure where exactly to start? Get a free cleaning printable to get you in laser-focused cleaning beast mode!

-Want some professional help to take the reins? Here are some recommendations from a few of our Village Agents to get your home’s spring cleaning started in the right direction.

Jenise Tremblay recommends - The Neat Method 
Dianne and Brianna Johnson recommend - Unique Maintenance
The Manzo Lough Group recommend - MasterCare Home Cleaning 
The Grubb Campbell Group recommend - The Queen of Clean