I believe that the purpose of food is to nourish our bodies, to create memorable experiences and to connect us with family and friends around the table.

I have had the joy of being a private yacht chef for the past eight years and have now returned to my home port of Santa Barbara, California. I found my inspiration for cooking while living in French villages and cities like Joncy, Rennes, Paris and Grenoble. I loved the fresh markets, rich cheeses and celebration of food. Motivated by this culture, I attended Tante Marie's cooking school in San Francisco and appreciated the influence of greats like Julia Child and her playful pursuit of good food. Traveling across the world's oceans, I had the greatest adventures cooking delicious meals for a variety of people, from royalty to A-list celebrities. I always loved using local ingredients from the ports we visited. Whether slipping into Greek villages to buy their fresh caught octopus, getting bushels of bananas cut from the jungle in French Polynesia or simply slicing sashimi from our fresh caught fish in Alaska. The blend of food and adventure always made the meal come to life. I have now returned to live near my family in Santa Barbara, retired my sea legs and cook for local families, parties and private events. As always, I love using local fresh organic ingredients and food that makes you feel great. In addition to specializing in Mediterranean and California cuisine, I am also a certified raw chef and can happily accommodate any special dietary needs. I am excited to cook for you and share my enthusiasm for food, experiences and living a vivacious life. Private or group cooking classes. I will empower you with knowledge and helpful tips to make you more confident in the kitchen. Custom menus depending on your level and interests. Some sample topics can be soup basics, dressings, breads, pasta making, fish, desserts and flavor balancing. This can be done in the comfort of your own home or elsewhere. My real desire is that you understand the concepts of cooking and not just how to follow a recipe!I prepare delicious meals in your home for special events or everyday. Plating options can be grazing platters, family style shared or individually plated 3-4 course meals. I am able to bring table settings if needed. I leave your kitchen spotless so you can enjoy the evening with your guests.

Phone Number: +1 (805) 707-3886