Isla Vista

Isla Vista (often abbreviated to IV) is a neighborhood for the young and adventurous. Adjacent to UCSB, the majority of residents here are students at one of the area colleges. There are a lot of places to caffeinate up, grub down and party on. Restaurants in IV cater to a student population. This means you can usually get a lot of food at a great value, fast! It's also right next to the beach! This hip beachside community is on a south-facing portion of the Santa Barbara County coast, between Coal Oil Point and Campus Point. It lies on a flat plateau, separated from the beach by a beautiful bluff. Del Playa Street (also known as DP) runs parallel and closest to the ocean, and is known as the party promenade. It stretches four blocks over the full length of Isla Vista (about one mile). It begins at the bike path bordering the campus and continues to Camino Majorca, where it ends at the entrance to the trails to Sands Beach. Thanks to the tightly packed student population, Isla Vista is supposedly the most densely populated square mile west of the Mississippi. The University of California Santa Barbara located adjacent to Isla Vista is home to five Nobel laureates and twelve national institutes and centers. UCSB is grandiose and absolutely gorgeous, and highly academic of course. Getting around IV is easy with miles of bike, walking and running trails. The best nightlife happens at home in Isla Vista, where house parties kick off every night of the week. Deltopia is a social event that takes place in IV at the beginning of each spring. It is an outgrowth of Floatopia, an annual beach celebration that was last held in 2009. This annual party used to be held at the beach where people would grab their floatation devices and their six packs and head down to the sand. Nowadays Deltopia provides an opportunity to walk around Del Playa in board shorts or a bikini or/and drink alcoholic beverages on a balcony overlooking the ocean.