Little Kitchen

Fun patio dinning

This little place is one of my "go to" locations. It's healthy, it's not healthy, it's cute, it's artistic, it perfectly located, it has a great atmosphere for me to bring a friend, family member, or have a business lunch date.

If I'm  looking for healthy, I go for the Summer Salad, butter leaf lettuce, pecans, strawberries, goat cheese, oranges, and grilled chicken - YUM!!!

If I'm looking for some naughty food (Rachael Bissig turned me on to these) I get the.......ready for this.......CHEESEBURGER EGGROLLS !!!  It's crazy good in that bad way. (my mom would never have one, even if it was vegetarian, hahahahaha)

Solution, bring a pal, order both and split them :)

Located at 17 W.  Ortega St. -  downtown Santa Barbara

This is my favorite block of Santa Barbara, so if you like this place you will also like Couch ,The Bobcat RoomThe Wildcat and 19 Blue Salon & Spa.

Okay, go and tell me how it was!!!

Cheeseburger eggrolls!!!
In we go!!
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