Hello! My obsession with cooking sparked as a kid with a curious mind. It soon turned into my favorite hobby, college degree, a meditation, and personalized art form. Discovering the culture, stye, and emotion that goes into cooking is my favorite game. I'd like to note, an important ground rule to this game includes loving and caring for your ingredients to give your recipes a unique connection. It provides flavor you can never buy, but creating it is so particular that when you taste it, all you think is, ahh β€œIt tastes like home.” Once my foundation is pure and stable, I like to let my freedom of flavor shine. ​ I created The Honey B as a forefront to my culinary manifestation. It's a space where I like to let my culinary mind wander and imagination grow. Each menu item is made to order with homemade, wholesome, plant-powered ingredients. I am overjoyed to have such beautiful local produce and a community of loving people to serve. I am on a mission to create food to make you feel bright, happy, and healthy every day! Located directly above the Saturday farmers market, it's hard not to take advantage the beautiful veggies right below us! Proudly showing off Santa Barbara's juiciest heirloom tomatoes, sweet strawberries, buttery avocados, and so much more! Stop by to see how we're playing with all the gorgeous seasonal produce.

Phone Number: +1 (805) 895-4248